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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clipmarks integration

We've added support to another web based service. Using SkillsFeed bookmarklet you can contribute to a lesson Clipmarks clip (as an embedded object). First lesson using this feature is SCRUM in 5 minutes - check it out!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some cleanup and ODEO support

We've made some fixes to the SkillsFeed:

  • author is not forced to join the lesson to have full access to it

  • you can't rate your own lesson - we're sorry :)

  • Slideshare changed its layout, which caused problems with our bookmarklet - it's fixed now

  • duplicated URL and EMBED submission using bookmarklet is detected and reported as an error

Additionally, ODEO is now supported by SkillsFeed bookmarklet. Contributing podcast as a lesson is very easy now!

Express yourself!

We've just updated the service. Now you can provide URLs to your Flickr photo (100 x 100 pixels) and small logo (16 x 16 pixels).

Your logo will be visible for example in lessons listings, discussion entries and lower positions of students and teachers rankings.

SkillsFeed #1

Your photo will show up on top positions of rankings and on your public profile page.

SkillsFeed #3

SkillsFeed #2

Friday, December 15, 2006

Members activity log and rankings

New SkillsFeed features are available. Now you can see what's going on in SkillsFeed community - who has joined, what new lessons have been published and who learns what.

Also, rankings of top authors, site owners and students are available for learning sites as well as for the whole SkillsFeed community.

Check out "Community" menu!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Better YouTube, Google Video and Slideshare integration

New version of our service has been just released. Integration with YouTube, Google Video and Slideshare sites has been improved. Now, after using our bookmarklet, you get all needed fields filled in by the content of proper YT and SS fields (title, description, thumbnail, tags, embedded code). For GV movies only title, embedded code and thumbnail are automatically retrieved. Additionally, you have to join the lesson to watch the movie or presentation.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

External resources contribution

Before providing cooperation features we've released new version of SkillsFeed which allows you to contribute external educational content like YouTube or Google videos, SlideShare presentations or simply links to articles or websites related to your SF site. You can do it easily by using our bookmarklet (you'll find it on the right margin section of SkillsFeed pages).

Invitations are almost ready and are coming soon.